Introduction to Microelectronics Packaging

This three part webinar series is intended for individuals unfamiliar with microelectronics packaging technology. More »

Die Bond Wirebond…..Back to Basics

Die attach and wirebond are still the fundamental skill sets required to assemble hybrids, microwave modules and other types of packaged microelectronic modules. More »

Visual Inspection of Microelectronic Assemblies

Visual defects that go unnoticed during assembly operations can cause field failures in military and high rel commercial and medical products. More »

Hybrid Microwave Design for Manufacturability

Hybrids, microwave modules and Class III medical implants along with other complex microelectronic assemblies all require a lot of thinking and design trade offs prior to full scale manufacturing. More »

Hermeticity Testing for Military and Medical Microcircuits

Hermeticity of microelectronic packages and hermeticity test techniques continue to be of critical importance to the packaging community. More »

Near-Hermetic Packaging Concepts for Military and Medical Devices

Packages made from polymeric materials as opposed to traditional hermetic seals (i.e. metal, ceramic etc) require a different approach from a hermeticity testing standpoint. More »

Online Semiconductor Packaging Training & Certification

“Knowing what to do” is the first step towards lower costs, improved quality, and faster throughput. This VTL series is a tailored, condensed version of the four day Process Certification course. More »


Online Semiconductor Training

IC Semiconductor Packaging is often referred to as the “back-end” process. The IC chips, MMICs, sensors and MEMS devices are made in cleanroom fabs, but it’s the back end of the chip factory or the contract OEM that assembles the chips into packages  and connects the ICs with tiny wires or solder bumps to the outside world.  Microelectronic packaging is a critical aspect of the design and manufacturing flow as engineers look to reduce the size/cost of packages and increase thermal and power dissipation. IC packaging is a driving force behind the Internet of things (IoT).

This site is dedicated to providing an array of online, informative technical webinars for engineers and quality assurance professionals. These are practical technical session based on the instructor’s years of experience. Below are a variety of webinar topics pertaining to IC Packaging: die attach, wirebond, hermeticity testing, microwave design and visual inspection of ICs and microcircuits to meet the strict visual inspection requirements of MIL-STD-883. Watch the webinars at your convenience and start to build your own personalized corporate knowledge base.


List Of Available Webinars

Introduction To Microelectronics Packaging ($199) – Unfamiliar with microelectronics packaging?  This webinar is an easy to follow overview of how to package microcircuits and multi chip products for the military, medical, aerospace, microwave industries.

Die Bond Wirebond…..Back to Basics ($249) – Die attach using both eutectic AuSn solders and Ag filled epoxy are still the dominate processes in the industry. Learn about the critical issues and those associated with wirebonding;  Au  ball bonding, wedge bonding, deep access and ribbon.

Hybrid Microwave Design for Manufacturability DFM ($149) – Understand how to design with the process in mind.  Design of microwave hybrids and RF/MMIC modules requires numerous  performance and cost trade-offs on the front end.  Learn the pitfalls and reliability/yield issues before committing to production.

Near-Hermetic Packaging Concepts for Military and Medical Devices ($149) – Hermetic packages made from metals, ceramics and glasses are big, heavy and costly. The industry  is quickly migrating towards new material sets and processes to manufacture reliable “non-hermetic’ packages.

Visual Inspection of Microelectronic Assemblies ($199) – Visual defects that go unnoticed cause field failures and cost money. Learn visual inspection criteria per the universally accepted industry wide MIL-STD-883 TM 2017 and TM 2010.

Hermeticity Testing for Military and Medical Microcircuits ($249) – Hermeticity testing per  MIL-STD-883 TM 1014 is often misunderstood and confusing. Learn how to use this spec and get a good overview of the new equipment and methods available to the user community.

Online Semiconductor Packaging Training & Certification

This is a condensed version of the popular the 4-Day Process Cert public class and includes a complete digital Workmanship Standards manual and  50 question written certification test at the end of the viewing period. Student must receive a passing grade to earn the certification and receive certificate issued by TJ Green Associates LLC., which is widely respected in the industry.

This training class was professionally recorded in plant at a major US OEM and includes over 15 hours of training separated into 10 easy to view training modules each approximately 1.5 hours in length.

Give your employees the skills they need to be successful!




new-workmanship-manualThe All New Revised And Updated Digital Workmanship Manual

We are now accepting orders for the all new Digital Workmanship Manual. This product now digitally ties the defect photos contained in the existing Workmanship Manual to the applicable  line item in the military visual specification.

So with just a click of the mouse you can go from a colored picture of a defect to the relevant contractual criteria in MIL-STD-883 or MIL-STD-750. This is a great training aid and a must for operators and inspectors on the production floor.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

This new Workmanship Manual is tied to the latest release of MIL-STD-883J:

TM 2017.11  (Pre Cap Hybrids )

TM 2010.14  (Internal Visual Monolithic)

TM 2032.3 (Visual  Inspection of Passive Elements)

Release date is June, 2016.